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I'm very pleased. Been using it for a few weeks on my face and neck. My friends said they saw a difference. I did too but wasn't sure if it was just wishful thinking! I'll continue to use ANAFT. It's easy to use. I use it at night before bed. No complaints.

J. Peterson (Sales Manager)

My sagging neck feels firmer and tighter only after two weeks of use. Cannot wait to see the results in a couple of month. Great device!

Stephanie Ortiz (Teacher)

“The fine lines and wrinkles are becoming much less noticeable, especially the deeper wrinkles at the sides of my lips. My neck feels firmer. Love the design!”

Barbara Cooper-Ross (Homemaker)

I am 55 and started using the ANAFT Device with my night serum about 6 weeks ago. The results are amazing. At first I saw small changes, I thought I was just imagining.. But this week my face and neck are firmer, lifted and smoothed. The fine lines have been reduced and I have had several people ask me what have I been doing? The results are noticeable to others. I used it for 5-10 minutes with my night serum each evening on my face and neck. The results are so dramatic I will highly recommend it.

Aneta Kowalewicz (Real Estate Agent)

I have tried few other home ultrasound and light therapy products in the past. I have spent hundreds of dollars on similar devices. I purchased ANAFT a month ago and already see much better results that other home devices. Great Product---Great value!

J. Johnson

I love how the ANAFT is so easy to use. I actually look forward to my nightly treatments as a chance to have some quality time for myself. I use my ANAFT with my night-time skincare cream at night, and it’s such a relaxing way to end my day

L. Guhl (Teacher)

I have been using ANAFT for almost two months. I did feel my skin tone had improved, especially around my lips and eyes. My neck definitely feels and looks better and everyone seems to notice the difference

L. Lee (Accountant)

I paid over $400 for another product with little results. I purchased ANAFT a month ago and already see great results. Beats Botox and other dangerous injections and surgeries. IT’S GREAT!

K. Kumbera

I am 46 years old and have been using ANAFT every evening. My neck and face skin feels much tighter and healthier looking. I love the ergonomic design and shape that works well on neck and face. I look forward to using ANAFT every evening. I highly recommend it!

M. Musgrave (Retail Manager)

I am 48 years old and decided to give ANAFT a try. At first I started using the blue light and gradually moved onto the green. I now use the Red light treatment. I like the red light treatment the best because I feel I will see the most results for my skin. The treatment feels good and I have received some compliments on my skin. I think it’s a win win!

V. Perez